A completion of Contrapunctus 17 (or 14) from J.S. Bach's Art of Fugue.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Contrepunctus Final.mp3

Greensleeves Renaissance.pdf Greensleeves Renaissance.pdf
Size : 92.121 Kb
Type : pdf

A Greensleeves Travelogue takes the familiar tune Greensleeves on a journey through various musical periods.

4 Renaissance.mp3

Greensleeves Baroque Toccata.pdf Greensleeves Baroque Toccata.pdf
Size : 117.359 Kb
Type : pdf

In the style of Bach.

6 Baroque Toccata.mp3

Greensleeves Romantic.pdf Greensleeves Romantic.pdf
Size : 70.892 Kb
Type : pdf

Large scale piece for Grand Organ. 

9 Romantic.mp3

3 Cornish Lyrics - 1.pdf 3 Cornish Lyrics - 1.pdf
Size : 50.733 Kb
Type : pdf

This is a setting from Three Cornish Lyrics for voice and piano. The words are by Warren Stuteley

The Mind of Winter.mp3

The Ricercare a 6 from J.S. Bach's A Musical Offering                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Ricercare a 6.mp3

Greensleeves Baroque Overture.pdf Greensleeves Baroque Overture.pdf
Size : 147.921 Kb
Type : pdf

This movement evokes the form and musical language of an Overture by Handel.                                                                                                                                       

5 Baroque Overture.mp3

Greensleeves Classical.pdf Greensleeves Classical.pdf
Size : 74.509 Kb
Type : pdf

In the style of Clementi or Mozart. 

8 Classical.mp3

Greensleeves Modern.pdf Greensleeves Modern.pdf
Size : 95.402 Kb
Type : pdf

An echo of Bartok's Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste. 

10 Modern.mp3

3 Cornish Lyrics - 2.pdf 3 Cornish Lyrics - 2.pdf
Size : 36.952 Kb
Type : pdf

 This is a setting from Three Cornish Lyrics for voice and piano. The words are by Warren Stuteley

Cornish Window.mp3

The Art of A Musical Offering 

(with Kyrie from B minor Mass and B.A.C.H.)

A Fugue with Eight Subjects from various contrapuntal works by J.S.Bach.

1. First Subject from Art Of Fugue
2. First Subject from Art of Fugue Inverted
3. Second Subject from Art of Fugue
4. Second Subject from Art of Fugue Inverted
5. Opening Subject of Contrapunctus XIV from Art of Fugue
6. Main Subject from A Musical Offering
7. Kyrie from Mass in B minor
8. B.A.C.H.

(9. Third Subject from Art of Fugue 10. Third Subject from Art of Fugue Inverted. Extras for Fugue 2)

The Art of A Musical Offering Subjects.mp3

Fugue 0.mp3

Four Voices, Eight Subjects 

Double Canon 1b.mp3

Bach wrote a set of single subject Canons for Art of Fugue. The Canons presented here attempt to incorporate two subjects. The final Canon uses three subjects.

Fugue 1.mp3

Four Voices. Eight Subjects 

Double Canon 2.mp3

Fugue 2b.mp3

Four Voices. Ten Subjects 

Double Canon 3.mp3

Fugue 3.mp3

Six Voices. Eight Subjects 

Triple Canon.mp3

* The first appearance of the B.A.C.H subject occurs at the Golden Section point of the composition 

Fugue 4.mp3

Four Voices. Eight Subjects 

Quintuple Canon 2.mp3

Five superimposed Canons. Two Voices each

Fugue 5.mp3

 Four Voices. Ten Subjects

Double Crab Canon Primary Voices.mp3

Double Crab Canon Secondary Voices w. Retrograde.mp3

Double Crab Canon.mp3

Double Crab Canon. a) Primary Double Canon. b) Secondary Canon with Retrograde. c) a and b superimposed. 

Fugue 6.mp3

Four Voices. Ten Subjects 

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