Hymn.pdf Hymn.pdf
Size : 61.642 Kb
Type : pdf

 This piece is for Oboe, Cello and String Orchestra.  It evokes the beautiful landscqpe in and around Clent Hills in Worcestershire, England.                                                                                                                                

Hymn Excerpt.mp3

Fantasia 2.pdf Fantasia 2.pdf
Size : 65.757 Kb
Type : pdf

Fantasia 2 Excerpt.mp3

Slow Fugue.pdf Slow Fugue.pdf
Size : 26.416 Kb
Type : pdf

 This piece is for either String Quartet or String Orchestra.                         

Slow Fugue.mp3

Driftwood 2.pdf Driftwood 2.pdf
Size : 81.438 Kb
Type : pdf

Driftwood 2.mp3

Chaconne for Piano and Orchestra.pdf Chaconne for Piano and Orchestra.pdf
Size : 167.06 Kb
Type : pdf

An arrangement of the Chaconne from Bach's Partita No.2 in D minor for Piano and Orchestra. I have also wrtten a version for piano solo.

Chaconne Excerpt.mp3

A Portrait of Beethoven 3.pdf A Portrait of Beethoven 3.pdf
Size : 34.813 Kb
Type : pdf

For the unusual scoring of Oboe, Cello, Piano and Double Bass, this piece is a meditation on themes by Beethoven. 

Portrait of Beethoven 3 Excerpt.mp3

Fantasia 1.pdf Fantasia 1.pdf
Size : 76.075 Kb
Type : pdf

My Fantasia is a substantial work for Oboe, String Quartet and String Orchestra based on three ancient hymn tunes; O Come, O Come Emmmanuel,  Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence and Pange Lingua.

Fantasia 1 Excerpt.mp3

Fantasia 3.pdf Fantasia 3.pdf
Size : 52.627 Kb
Type : pdf

Fantasia 3 Excerpt.mp3

Driftwood 1.pdf Driftwood 1.pdf
Size : 70.508 Kb
Type : pdf

Driftwood is a meditative piece for Harp, 2 Pianos and String Orchestra.

Driftwood 1.mp3

Driftwood 3.pdf Driftwood 3.pdf
Size : 51.818 Kb
Type : pdf

Driftwood 3.mp3

Funeral Sentences 1.pdf Funeral Sentences 1.pdf
Size : 63.607 Kb
Type : pdf

Funeral Sentences is for String Orchestra or String Quartet. It is a large scale work in three movements. 

Funeral Sentences 1 Excerpt.mp3

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