This site contains examples in PDF format of most of my compositions and sound files of some. Click on the category you are interested on the banner at the top of this page. Works are categorized according to type rather than chronological order. It is intended that this site acts as a depository all my work and is dedicated to those who have interest in my work. I hope the content of this site gives joy, insight and stimulation to those who explore. For more information about any composition, or for any comments, suggestions or queries, please contact me at the e-mail address below. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy exploring this site.

My Other Websites 

Chorium - The High I.Q. Society for Musicians. I am the Founder and Administrator

The Music of Ignatius Sancho - Ignatius Sancho was born aboard a slave ship in about 1729 and brought to England when he was two. Under the patronage of members of the Montagu Family, he was able to receive an education not enjoyed by his fellow slaves and later became a respected man of letters and a composer of some worth. 

Vexations by Eric Satie - The seemingly simple score betrays a frighteningly complex aesthetic encapsulated in the cryptic instruction at the top of the score which implies the 'motif' is to be played 840 times.

As well as being the first known piece of music to experiment in organised total chromaticism, it could perhaps lay claim to being the longest piece ever written; if one were to follow Satie's instruction to play the piece 'tres lent', 'Vexations' would take nearly 28 hours to perform with 840 repetitions.

Calculator Words - A massive lexicon of 1455 discovered by me.

Villnian - 'ArtLang' (Artificial/Art Language) composed by me.

Papisa-samama - Another 'ArtLang', what might be called a 'micro language', that is, it's a language built from very few elements but designed to convey a rich meaning.

Pi and Phi set to music - In these pieces the note sequences for both Phi and Pi are presented to 2000 decimal places.

The Fibonacci 24 Key - The Repeating Pattern in the Fibonacci Series

 A short biography of Paul Freeman

I was born in 1969 in the English Midlands near to the Clent Hills. The beautiful landscape has been an inspiration for all my life. I began composing when I was 11, my first piece was Puck's Dance for piano which you will find on this site. I studied music at Wolverhampton University then at Kingston University in London, winning several distinguished composition competitions during my time there. Upon leaving university I worked as an accompanist and teacher. Now I devote myself entirely to composition and my other great loves in life, cricket, painting and ornithology and cultivating bonsai.

Reviews for my music:

I Wonder as I Wander (currently available by Amemptos)

Paul Freeman’s setting of this traditional poetry offer us a masterpiece of subtle, shifting harmony beneath a well-known melody. At first glance a discordant score, Paul’s experienced hands have worked with the underlying modality of the melody and written an approachable, brilliantly effective and moving work. A soprano solo begins the piece, followed by SATB but with changing phrase beginnings for the different parts woven throughout. 

For me the most striking pieces are the rich and contemplative O vos omnes (Chris Hutchings), Sing a new song (David Meacock) with its brash organ part, and a modern take on I wonder as I wander by Paul Freeman.
(Simon Mold)

 © Paul Freeman M.Phil B.A (Hons.) Dip.Mus (Hons.)(2011)N

I am also a member of the following High I.Q. Societies:

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Symphony No.1

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